Dinner – Adventures with Steak: Part Deaux


This post doesn’t include a recipe…just good food we put together.

Today was another day of coming home to an amazing dinner underway from the wife. She had been to the store and bought some amazing NY strip steaks to make up for dinner. I’m not going to argue to walking in the door to steak. So, I jumped right in to the undertaking at hand.

Everyone was at their station being directed by my wife. You can tell she deals with high school kids all day long as she knows how to make sure things run smoothly even when we don’t listen. She had us washing potatoes, gathering spices, and cutting up vegetables. One of the best parts about the meal was the zucchini and squash that came straight from our garden. My wife literally went out to check on things and came back with three zucchinis and three yellow squashes.

As things were coming together, it was my turn to get the steaks in order. We used the steak rub we found earlier and that we used on IMG_3270our filets a couple weeks back (post here). This time we cut back on the pepper, using half, and it was perfect. I have to say, for steaks from Kroger they were turned out to be pretty damn good. Great size, great flavor, and all at a decent price. I think they picked these suckers up for about $10/pound.

So on the grill these bad boys went. For being only my second time cooking steaks (and first time on the grill), I have to admit it was a bit nervous to get them just right. The dinner guests could have been being nice to me, but the genuinely seemed to enjoy my handiwork. I did have to give myself a nice pat on the back. It was a steak well done…well medium rare…but you know what I mean.

IMG_3273On the side for dinner was just simple grilled zucchini and squash thrown together with some olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Along side the veggies, the wife put together some parmesan french fries. Nothing fancy here, russet potatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and garlic to taste. Throw those in the oven for a bit and you got yourself some fine fries. Top all of this off with a freshly baked dinner roll and we were in business.

All in all dinner was a massive success. I’ve started to conquer my fear of red meat on the grill and added some man points to my total score. Oh…and all the while drinking a pair of Newcastle Bombshell. A quite tasty pale blonde ale for your summer needs.

Until the next steak folks…

P.S. – The wife made homemade peach ice cream for dessert. 1) She’s awesome and 2) I’ll post that up later.


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