Man-cessities: Weekend Bag

IMG_3412In addition to a love of all things food, I also have a love for all things.  I’ve grown up over the years and have acquired things that I deem necessities man-cessities.  Things that every guy should own.  It’s taken me a while to get from a place where I thought a guy should own a thrift store shirt, studded belt, and blue hair…but here we are.  I’m going to start making sporadic posts about things I like in my every day life, wardrobe, and surroundings.  Maybe it will help you become a more sophisticated gentleman…maybe it won’t…maybe I don’t care.  These are things I like anyway.  Screw it if you don’t.

So, onto the first one: weekend bag.

Having a parent and in-laws that live out of town, I get to do my fair share of traveling with the family.  Some of these trips are longer ones, but a lot of times they are short weekend trips out of town.  I used to carry a gym bag around with me and it worked, but didn’t really scream “hey, I’m a grown up”.  I began to search online for a bag that was inexpensive, good quality, and fit me.  That lead me straight to Everlane….of course via that ever so awesome site of Uncrate.


Started only a couple years ago, Everlane has a ton of great products.  Better yet, they skip the ridiculous markups that most retailcompanies use and pass savings onto the consumer.  I was immediately pulled in by their integrity around their business, but also for the amazing look and quality of the products.  Their Weekender bag is the perfect blend of function and fashion.  Preppy enough for what I was looking for and big enough for that three day trip.  I went with the Olive color based on my fashion consultant’s input (my wife).  See the picture to the right for the Olive Weekender bag.

I’ve had the bag for about a year and love it.  The weekend bag is a must and for your money, the Weekender is the perfect fit.  It travels well, is made of durable fabric so you don’t have to worry about tossing it around, and comes in a variety of colors to fit any dude’s style.

There you have it.  The first of hopefully many man-cessity posts.  Now go out and get yourself a Weekender!


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