Dinner: Pork Chops


On this night, there was no recipe. It was a “fly by the seat of our pants” kind of night. Sometimes it’s good just to keep things real simple in a way where you throw it all together and not worry a whole lot about measuring out ingredients. It’s, make the dinner and get it on the table. This was one of those nights. While it still was something different and delicious, it wasn’t anything you can’t make with stuff around the house.

We changed up the meat this time around to the other white meat, pork. We picked up some thin cut pork chops from Kroger to help fit that bill. A few minutes on each side and these things are a quick choice for the grill.

Second came the veggies. Again, another night of amazing grilled squash and zucchini straight from the garden. Olive oil, salt, and pepper. This time around the wife got fancy and threw some red pepper flakes into the mix. It was a great touch. Every so often your bite would have a little extra kick that was gladly welcomed.

Lastly we threw together a quick tomato salad. We picked up a couple different types of cherry tomatoes and sliced them all in half. The cherry tomatoes were a little sweeter than your standard big ones, but that’s not a bad thing. We also picked up some mozzarella to go into the salad. We found some that were in small balls about the size of the cherry tomatoes, so we chopped those up to and threw them in the bowl. Lastly, we an unopened bottle of olive oil/balsamic vinegar from Dayton, OH. We had picked it up a while ago at a farmer’s market, but hadn’t used it yet. Well, it was pretty tasty. If you need some custom olive oil for your dinners…check out The Olive Tree in Dayton, OH. Good stuff.

So within a short period of time, we had a summery, light, and tasty dinner to enjoy. The only problem is that I’m running out of room on my grill!


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