Man-cessities: Travel Kit

IMG_3412It’s my second “man-cessity” post and the theme seems to be sticking to travel.  When I became a man I put away childish travel things and began to use those things meant for adults.  This item happened to come to me not too long ago via a Father’s Day gift from the wife.

I had had a cheap travel kit for all my toiletries, razor, etc. for a long time.  It was beat to hell and pretty nasty.  Black pleather can only take you so far.  It was time to upgrade and in a bad way.  Being the cheap person I am, I didn’t buy a new one at first.  I simply found one I liked, added it to my Amazon wish list, and waited….and waited…and waited.

Fast forward to this past Father’s Day and in my possession came a J.Crew Rail and Wharf, monogramed travel kit 88172_SP5470(here).  I was super stoked.  Not only did it come in right before our next trip, but it was awesome to boot.  I went with the navy and natural red travel kit.  The colors were more my taste than the cream and green one.  My wife went a step further and had my initials monogramed onto the leather tag.  Definitely a nice touch that I would say is worth the extra ten bucks.

Made from high density canvas, this travel kit feels like it can take some wear.  Add in the water resistant interior and you’ve got yourself a stylish little travel kit that’s going to last you a while.  As of this post the navy and red one is sold out, and the green and cream one is on backorder.  Guess it goes to show you that it is a great little gift for the man in your life.


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