NatureBox: July 2013


Ever since the wife started getting a subscription box, I wanted to jump on board that bandwagon.  After researching boxes for guys, I didn’t find any that really looked great and that came in at a great price.  I started looking around at other options for subscription boxes and found NatureBox.  Going along with our diets, NatureBox seemed like a great fit.  A monthly box shipped to your house with healthy, organic snacks.  It sounded perfect.  At around a $20 price point, it’s not something that’s going to break the bank either.  We signed up towards the beginning of July and right at the end we received our first box.  It just so happened the wife was out of town when it arrived, so 1) I got to open it myself and 2) it may not be here when she gets back.

The box we received had five different snacks inside of it.  Each snack had two bags.  Since it was our first box, they threw in an extra snack back of the South Pacific Plantains…more on those in a bit.  I got into the box and couldn’t really decide which snack to get into first.  I decided to just dive in and see how our first NatureBox tasted (yeah…twas good).

  • South Pacific Plantains (Plantain chips with sea salt): Definitely one of my favs of the box.  They taste like more savory banana chips.  The addition of the sea salt definitely adds to the more of a potato chip feel.  I’m pretty glad that NatureBox decided to throw in a third bag of these things.
  • Mango Almond Bites (Mango and crispy rice squares): These are kind of like little mini rice cake squares with the added mango.  Being sweet (and not as dry as a rice cake), they make a nice little dessert to a lunch or if you have a sweet tooth and need a quick fix.  Pop a couple and you’ll be good to go.
  • Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley (Dried cranberries and apple bits): This one goes into the category of things that can go great as it’s own snack or something that you can put in your breakfast (oatmeal, yogurt…your call).
  • Cherry Crumble Granola (Soft-baked granola with dried cherries): Another sweet option in the box.  Not as crunchy as most granola, but I like it.  A good option to throw on top of some yogurt for breakfast…so, I know what I’m doing tomorrow morning.
  • Tuscan Summer Mix (Italian-spiced see, nut and dried fruit mix): This is my favorite in the box (I always prefer savory to sweet).  It’s amazing.  The spices are a prefect blend to add to the fruits and nuts but not be too overpowering.  If left to my own devices, I would go through the entire bag in one sitting.

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