IMG_3785Along the dieting path, you need a break from all of the healthy meals.  Granted, the ones we make are quite tasty…sometimes you need to add a little extra fat and flare to your meals.  We will normally allow ourselves one cheat meal per week (or two).  This helps breaks up the diet and keeps things fun and fresh.  It seems most of the time we’ll go out to eat for our cheat meals, but every now and again we’ll cook it up at home.  This happened to be one of those times where we made the cheat meal ourselves…and it was glorious.  You know what they say, “GO BIG OR GO HOME”.

We did in fact share this meal with some friends, but I’m not going to lie when I say that I put a sizeable dent in this meal myself (beverages included).  This is one meal you don’t track your calories for, as it would boggle the mind.

For starters we went to a recipe we use often when we need to bring meals to folks after surgery or having a baby, taco pizza.  It’s easy to make, easy to reheat, and tastes great.  You like pizza?  You like tacos?  Well, pony up the table and get down with this thing.  I mean, the crust is Pillsbury crescent rolls.  C’mon son!  On top of the deliciously, buttery, flaky crust goes beans, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.  This is another of those base recipes where it can allow you to add a number of different toppings depending on your tastes.  I could totally see us adding jalapenos, corn, or other things to spice this up.  Top it with a bit of sour cream and/or guacamole and you’re set.  It’s delicious and again, easy to make.  To accompany dinner, we busted out one of my favorite local brews…a nice, cold Hudy Amber Lager.  It’s definitely a good one to have handy around the house if you need a light beer that’s local.

Once dinner was sufficiently demolished, it was onto dessert.  The wife was kind enough to give us options for dessert.  Both delicious and both got stuffed into my face.  The first was a Rice Krispie type dessert, but she replaced the Rice Krispies with Reese’s cereal and added Reese’s Pieces into the mix.  So, yeah…it was amazing.  I think I ate a toddler-sized portion of that one.  The other dessert she baked up was Biscoff cookies.  If you aren’t familiar with Biscoff, it’s the brand of cookies they serve you on Delta flights.  They actually make it in a spread and along it’s damn good, but put it in a cookie and it’s heaven.  She baked up a batch of these delights with chocolate chips in some and others plain.  Again, I ate enough to put myself into a diabetic coma…but came through like a champ.  For dessert we enjoyed a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter.  One of the few darker brews I like.  Make sure this one is ice cold and it is boss.  Perfect one to go along with the end of meal sweets.

Needless to say, cheat meal was a success.  After that night it was back onto the diets.  However, looking back on these pictures I may need to bust into some “Reese’s Treats” again here real soon!

Links to the recipes below:

Taco Pizza
Rice Krispie Treats (sub Reese’s cereal and add Reese’s Pieces)
Biscoff Cookies


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