Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas – Part Dos

IMG_4054Not that long ago we made chicken enchiladas from SkinnyTaste for dinner (previous post here).  They were great and like some of the recipes we find are a great starting point if you want to add in your own/extra ingredients.  In this case, we went back to the enchilada recipe and decided to add in a couple extra ingredients.  Into the chicken mixture we added one green and one yellow pepper that we sautéed up in a pan.  Along with the peppers, we took the onion that you add to the chicken and cooked that up as well.  This added more to the mixture that filled the enchiladas.  The first time around they were a bit slim on the inside, but with the addition of a couple of peppers, really added some bulk and taste.  Oh…I almost forgot to mention that a couple of smaller yellow peppers used were from our garden!

Last time we had this one, we made rice to go along with it.  This time around we had a zucchini and squash to use up, so we went with a vegetable sauté to use as our side.  We beefed it up a bit with corn, pepper jack cheese, and a custom taco seasoning blend that the wife had from a while back.  I have to say, the little veggie concoction that we came up with was awesome.  It had just enough of a spice level to it with the taco seasoning blend and pepper jack cheese for our tastes.  That along with it being fresh veggies from the garden (minus the corn), made it killer.  The two went together perfectly.  It was a nice change of pace to our enchilada meals which usually have a side of rice or beans.  We’ll probably be making this type of side more often.

Lesson of the day…experiment with your recipes.  You never know how good they might turn out!


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