Man-cessities – Watches

IMG_3412I used to never wear watches.  I would buy them.  Wear them for a few days…maybe a few weeks and then let them collect dust in a nightstand drawer.  This was also before I had a good stead 9-5 job.  That has now changed and a watch is a necessity.  While you can check your phone for the time, nothing beats having a kick ass watch on your wrist.  From where I sit, if you are a professional you should be wearing a watch.  I don’t know why, but a watch in the business world seems to be the standard.  It may not matter what kind it is…digital…analog…smart watch…own one.  Just don’t bust out one with a calculator.  We’ll send you to the back of the class.

Right now I have two favorites that are my go to watches.  One more business and one more 809XLTTM_maincasual.  Depending on the event, day, outfit, I will switch between them.  I don’t think you need to have multiple watches, but own one…and wear it.  Have I mentioned you should own a watch yet?  The first is the one that got be back into wearing watches: my Skagen (link to mine here).  I love this thing.  Skagen watches are great for me because they are super lightweight.  They don’t add a lot of bulk to your wrist, they look good, and are slim enough to go under and not get caught on your dress shirt cuffs.  I actually have both one with a leather wrist band and a metal one.  The metal is definitely my go to business watch.  It goes with everything with the carbon fiber weaving on the face…looks kind of bad ass.  At around $150.00 Skagen watches are a pretty decent price point for a nice watch you can wear regularly.  I’ve had mine for a least a few years now and it’s still in great shape.

48137_SP2559On the flip side of things I have a Timex Andros that the wife got me from J.Crew.  This one has a nylon wrist band that is interchangeable with other colors/designs.  It’s a nice heavy watch face that doesn’t feel cheap.  With straps in navy, red/navy, and green/blue (just what I have) it can compliment pretty much any outfit.  This one is the casual work day/weekend watch for me.  Use the navy/red strap when wearing a navy button up and it give the outfit a bit of extra color (judge me for that sentence…I said it…I don’t care).  Each season at J.Crew they come out with more colors and designs you can pick up.  The watch will cost you $118.00 up front, but the watch bands are pretty cheap if you want to start accessorizing more.

Get on it folks…clock’s ticking!


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