Summer Project: The Garden

IMG_3003This summer my wife started the idea of planting a garden.  I initially balked at the idea simply due to the fact we kill anything we plant.  Literally, plants at our house usually have a death wish.  However, after some convincing (garden is different than flowers…great argument) I caved and the summer of our first garden began.

We went simple this first time around.  This meant picking up a couple of raised beds from Home Depot.  Throw down some material to keep the weeds from growing in, some soil, and BOOM…instant garden.  Installation wasn’t bad at all.  We had the beds put together in about a half an hour.  The price wasn’t awful either.  For around $200-$250 we had everything we needed to start our little project.  With the beds put together, the soil in, it was time to plant.

The wife had a combination of veggies and the plants ranged from seeds to starter plants.  After another half an hour her and her cousin had everything in, staked, and ready to grow.  It was, overall, a very quick start to this whole endeavor.  I still wasn’t convinced at this point we wouldn’t kill off the vegetables, but I could not have been more wrong.

I think a combination of hard work on the wife’s part and it being a fairly wet summer kept the garden in monster growth mode.  For a period of time it seemed like we couldn’t eat zucchini and squash fast enough.  Those things were popping out of the garden left and right.  Those plants also seemed to take on a life of their own.  The zucchini and squash plants reminded me of something out of Jurassic Park.  Huge leaves that engulfed our little raised beds.

In addition to the zucchini and squash, the wife planted some beans, yellow and green peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes.  I think what we learned most here is that next time around we need more space.  The plants began to intermingle a bit and it seemed to make for some veggies not growing to their potential.  The beans got a bit taken over and we eventually ripped them out (didn’t miss them though).  However, everything else came in great.  Like I said, zucchini and squash were had for days on end.  The yellow peppers were tasty as were the cucumbers.  The tomatoes took the longest to grow and ripen, but when they did we were pulling multiples off the vine at a time.  I had so much, while the wife was in Vegas, I had to eat at least two per day to make sure they didn’t go bad.

In the end, the garden was great.  Another example of the wife being right and doing an awesome job.  Next year our plans are getting bigger!  We’re looking to add in about five more beds, fence it in, and plant more.  She’s already thinking about strawberries, maybe a watermelon, and some of our favorites from this past summer.  We can’t wait to do it all over again.  Now we’re just pissed at the fact we have to go to the store to get vegetables for dinner!


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