To My Wife…

On Friday my son will turn three. It’s crazy to think that so much time has gone by already. Crazier than that is on the same date 14 years ago my wife and I began dating. On 8/16/1999 we started seeing each other and didn’t look back. It’s been full of great highlights and moments that I’ll never forget. Big life changing events like our marriage and the birth of our son, but little events in between like weekend trips to Chicago and laying in bed watching an entire season of a TV show (obviously before the kid was born…).

Over the years, the wife has given me so much. She’s not only helped me become a better person, but makes me want to be a better husband, parent, and friend every day. She’s someone that I look up to for a variety of different reasons. So, I thought that I would take some time to go over just a few of the reasons I love her so much and why she’s the best thing since sliced bacon.

1. Smarts – Literally, one of the smartest people I know. Working through two masters degrees will do that to a person. She can shut me up with the use of a five syllable word and I love it (my vocabulary barely hits the four syllable words). She can hold her own talking to anyone in a room and it’s a blast to watch. She would get in debates with my dad over different topics and there’s nothing sexier than a woman that can hold her own (they were nice debates…but still great conversations to watch). Watching her mind work as it dissects books, music, even movies to find hidden messages to be used in her classroom is nothing short of astounding.

2. Faith – One area that has rubbed off on me and that I always look up to his her faith. I’ve lost mine and found it again because of this lady. She’s one of the good Christians and I’ll always thank her for showing me that the good ones really do exist.

3. Style – If you know my wife, you know she’s one of those people that can pull of polka dot pants like nobody’s business. Bright colors, patterns…she throws them together and looks adorable each time she heads out the door. I don’t care if she takes a little longer to get ready for a night out because I know she’s going to be the cutest thing out on the town. Seriously…she’s adorable folks.

4. My Defender/Foundation – My wife…she’s got my back. I never have to doubt that. It’s a great feeling to know that there is always someone in your corner. To bring you up when you feel down or defeated. She gives me the drive and motivation to work harder and be better.

5. A Mother – Over the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my wife turn into an amazing mother. Taking care and building up our little man. You should see the effort she put in for his third birthday party. It was awesome and it was all thanks to her. He is her heart and she cares for him as such. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to be raising our little man with. She truly is a great mom. This little man is luckier than he even knows.

6. A Teacher – I would have paid way more attention in English class if my wife was my teacher. She is motivated to better her students. She’s engaged, she cares, and she wants the best for them. It’s always great to hear stories from past students on how she was an inspiration to them. She’s always known she wanted to be a teacher and I couldn’t think of a more perfect calling. All of the things that make her a great person translate into a powerful teacher.

7. A Friend – Not only my best friend, but a good friend to those who know her. She is loyal like no other. Just as she builds me up, she does this for others as well. It’s great to see how she invests in the relationships she has and continues to make sure they grow. All of the good things she brings to our relationship, she brings to her other friendships as well.

8. Five Star Chef/Baker – The main point of me starting up the blog again was to document the dinners and food I was eating. Most of this comes from the recipes the wife finds and cooks up. I try to help, but the one time I made dinner it went in the trash. I stick to cleaning up and taking pictures. Dinners are always delicious and the desserts are outstanding. She loves to try different recipes and flavors. I love to come home each day to see what smells are coming through that door and what we’ll be eating that night.

9. Beer Lover – Enough said. She loves beer…and good beers. A cute lady with a beer in her hand…ain’t nothing better.

10. Wit – Holy crap…she’s hilarious to boot. She keeps me in stitches all the time. The sarcasm is strong with this one. Most of the time she’s making fun of me, but that’s how we roll. We love to make fun of each other. The problem is that the English teacher always…ALWAYS…has the best comebacks. It’s not even fair. I try, but most of the time my trying is just embarrassing. Then we just both end up laughing at me. She wins the wits in the family and my sides hurt because of it!

11. Confidence – Just like with her smarts, there are few things more attractive than a confident woman. Whether she says she is confident or not, it does exude from her. The confidence she has in her teaching, mothering, and style…whatever…flows into those around. I whole heartedly believe that I’ve become more confident in myself by association. Her head is held high, she walks with purpose…usually in some cute ass shoes…and it makes me love her more.

12. Integrity – She has her beliefs and she stands by them. She doesn’t waver. Again, it is character that makes a person and things like her integrity that I admire most in this little lady.

13. Hard Working – She put in 100% in every aspect of her life. I don’t think I would be as far along in my weight loss if I didn’t have this lady showing me what hard work looks like. The same with her teaching…sure they get the summers off, but she well makes up for it throughout the year. Long hours grading papers, even longer hours directing musicals. She busts her ass. Up at 5:00am, home to take care of the little man, put dinner on the table, still manage to exercise, all to get up and do it again the next day. I wish I could take more credit for things around the house, but it’s her hard work that keeps things moving so smoothly.

14. Smoking Hot – I had to add this one in here. There are a lot of character points above, but I would be remiss to not say that I’m hot for teacher. Be grossed out at that if you want, but if you hadn’t stopped reading by now you aren’t tired of the mushy/gushy list I’ve made. C’mon son…I married a cheerleader. The nerdy punker got the hot girl! It happens people…it’s not just a movie plot line! Her smile, it kills me. I don’t want to wake up a morning without seeing it next to me.

While the list could go on I wanted to do a point for each year we were together. I’m lucky this lady took a chance on me. I’ve come out a better man for it. To the cheerleader I dated (not letting that one go!), the woman I married, and the mother I fall more in love with every day…here’s to another 15+ years!


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