Praying…It works.

This is probably a post I never thought I would write.  I’ve had a rocky relationship with church over the years and had always felt I didn’t get it…wasn’t part of the “in crowd”.  Just missing that final piece of the faith puzzle.  In any case, over the past year I’ve found a church family and home that I love (yeah…I’m talking about you 4 Corners Church!).  It’s been an amazing experience not only or myself, but for my family.  It’s allowed me to take baby steps in faith and start to break down the cynical wall that I had placed up over the years.  These baby steps recently involved praying.  This is what happened…

Here’s a bit of back story on this one.  Our little guy has a bit of a speech delay and some separation anxiety.  To help him learn and grow we decided to start him in preschool a year early (at three).  From the day we decided this…I was a nervous wreck.  What if he doesn’t like it and throws a fit the entire time?  He isn’t talking, how will he communicate his needs?  What will the other kids think of him?  I just wanted to curl up with him and not have a thing in his life change.  I wanted to protect him from all that could go wrong.  We had all summer to prepare, but it didn’t seem like enough time.  If you’re looking for whom in the world gets the prize for most nervous parent…I’m the frontrunner.  But alas, it was going to happen.

About a month before preschool started, we began to write down a prayer request to our church that our little guy do well in preschool.  That he have a blast and it’s an easy transition for him.  Being the cynical type about these things I never thought we would see results.  I mean, I had prayed before…once or twice, wasn’t exactly on the top of my religious game…who was I to get a prayer request answered?  Despite my own thoughts, we kept writing it down.  Each week the church staff prayed over that request.  In addition to that, we began praying at night with our son about his upcoming preschool and that it goes well.  Our extended family was praying as well.  At this point everyone I knew had practically thrown a prayer in the ring for our little man.  Then came preschool…

The morning of preschool, we got J up and ready.  The morning was smooth.  He got up on time, got ready, ate breakfast, and took pictures like a champ…but that was all the easy part.  He wasn’t by himself yet.  He wasn’t in an unfamiliar setting without his parents.  We drove to school and began the painful process of walking him to class….but it wasn’t.  He walked in front of us to his classroom (too cool to hold our hands apparently).  He walked straight into the room and started playing.  We stayed a few minutes and then said our goodbyes and that we would pick him up later.  Then we waited for everything to go badly…but it didn’t.  We got a picture from a friend while in the parking lot of our son sitting at a desk coloring next to a little girl.  He was fine.  He was more than fine…he was great.  We picked him a few hours later to a smile on his face and holding a little girl’s hand as they walked in line to the door (I didn’t pray he find a girlfriend on the first day, but hey…the kid has skills).

That was almost a month ago.  He’s had a great time at preschool so far.  He comes home with school work, has fun on the playground, and has had nothing but good reports back from the teacher.  On top of this he’s stayed the past two weeks in Sunday school by himself.  It would be easy to dismiss this as a coincidence or that he was merely ready for preschool.  That’s the easy way out and the way I would have thought in the past.  However I know now, that it was the prayers from us, friends, family, and our church that did this.  It’s been a blessing to know that there is a community that surrounds us that will lift our requests up if needed.  It’s also been amazing for this cynical guy to see God work in such an amazing way in our family.  Not going to lie that it’s getting a little dusty in this room while I’m writing this.  To know that even a person who doesn’t see himself as “that super religious guy” gets a nod from the Big Guy upstairs…it’s humbling.  To know that people at my church who may not even know my family prayed over us…it’s amazing.  I am forever grateful and thankful.

So, from a guy who still may not know how this entire religion thing works or is the master at praying, try it.  You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.  On that note, give it a try at 4 Corners Church in West Chester, OH.  I cannot say enough good things about the people, worship, messages…all of it.  It’s great.  If they can turn this guy around on religion then they are doing something right.  Below are some links to find out about them:

Web Site
Vimeo (videos /sermons)


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