If you know one thing about me…it’s that I like bacon.  If you know a second thing about me…I like beer.  Somewhere on this list is a love of movies.  Maybe it was the time spent working at Blockbuster (pour one out for my homie…RIP Big Blue) or just a love of film, but I dig ’em.  Each year when the “Best of” lists start to show up, I begin a mental list of all the movies I need to see.  Couple this with the ones that get nominated for awards, and it gets pretty lengthy.

This year I figured I would do something different and pull a list of the top 15 or so movies from different sites I read and respect.  I’ve also added in the Critics Choice and Golden Globe nominations that were already announced.  This is in no way scientific, but a way for me to really try and hone in on all of the movies I need to try and see by time the Oscars roll around.  This way I can sound smarter than you about the movie I watch, judge you for the movies you watch, and argue with the “Best Picture” winner.

Here you go…the list compiled from a bunch of different places going from move votes to least:

  1. Gravity
  2. 12 Years a Slave
  3. Her
  4. Inside Llewyn Davis
  5. American Hustle
  6. The Wolf of Wall Street
  7. Captain Phillips
  8. Nebraska
  9. Frances Ha
  10. Stories We Tell
  11. Short Term 12
  12. Spring Breakers
  13. Fruitvale Station
  14. All Is Lost
  15. Saving Mr. Banks
  16. Iron Man 3
  17. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  18. The Spectacular Now
  19. Pain and Gain
  20. Upstream Color
  21. Dallas Buyers Club
  22. Philomena
  23. Rush

So far I’ve only seen Gravity, American Hustle, Iron Man 3, and Fancis Ha (which is streaming on Netflix).  I have a lot of movie watching to try and get to.  If you please excuse me, I have little sleep to get and lots of film to see.


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