Movies – Update

So I started my movie watching campaign before the Oscars.  A few below may not even get nominated due them being smaller movies, but I have to admit…I’m off to a great start.  All four movies below are fantastic, a few powerful, emotional, but all around great.  I would highly recommend that you sit down and watch each of them.

Short Term 12

I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  It’s funny, heartfelt, emotional, and is well done all around.  The story of a group home, those that work there, and their lives…gives you hope in the end that things can get better.  For those out there that work in these places, thank you.  You probably don’t know how much you mean to some kids.

The Spectacular Now

A coming of age story, this one is well acted and written.  I feel it’s a story that more teenagers can relate to, but too bad you probably can’t show it in a school.  Great film.

Lone Survivor

Wow…just, wow.  A true story that is gripping, moving, and amazing (hard to give praise to such a tough subject…but it is deserving).  It’s not for the faint of heart for sure, but it is worth the watch.  Many thanks go out to the men and women that serve this country and all that they do.

Fruitvale Station

Another true story that goes through the final moments of a life.  This one a young man that had a future ahead of him.  It’s well acted with emotional performances all around.  It’s another to watch with some kleenex on hand.  It’s a bit of a punch to the gut, but again…it’s high on my list of movies from this year.

Hoping to plow through some more soon and will keep everyone updated!


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