Recipe Dump!

Going through my phone, I found a ton of pictures of dinners that I just never got around to posting.  So instead of doing them individually, I’m going to do a recipe dump to get them done and all caught up!  This also means that I need to keep up with the new recipes we’re trying out.  And by “trying out”, I really mean what the wife picks out and cooks because she’s awesome.  Luckily as usual, these are all pretty simple and easy recipes.  To keep reading simple the links to the details on ingredients and directions to the recipes are embedded in the titles.

So, as per usual, get to reading after the jump!

securedownloadTuscan Broccoli Pizza

The first and one of the more recent recipes was a Tuscan Broccoli Pizza.  I could probably eat pizza for most meals (including day old, left out overnight pizza from a crappy college dorm restaurant…still good).  That being said, we don’t really make it at home.  We always just order some in as a quick fix.  This time around the wife threw together this pizza fairly quickly and it was great.  She ate two pieces and I ate….the rest.  It’s a nice light pizza since it doesn’t really have a sauce to it.  The veggies are a nice touch and we added some low sodium pepperoni to it.  I will say that the red pepper flakes are part of what makes this a good pizza, as it adds that little extra kick to the slices.  The wheat crust that she grabbed was also good and not too dense.  This pizza is one that you can definitely add onto, but I’ll take it just the way we made it up!

Beer of the Night: Rhinegeist Truth (IN A CAN!)


Oven Baked Ribs

Just as I did for wings, one day I had a hankering for ribs.  We had never made them before and I looked online for a simple recipe.  I found one for slow cooked, oven baked ribs.  I figured it couldn’t be that hard to screw up a recipe with about two ingredients and five steps.

I have to say that our first attempt was pretty good.  We cooked up two racks of ribs (a bit much) and slathered them with some Sweet Baby Rays.  They came out super tender and delicious.  The next time we would try this we would definitely find some better quality ribs, but that’s about all I would change.  The nice part here is we can try it with different sauces, rubs, or combinations of both to see what we really enjoy.

Beer of the Night: Southern Tier 2XMAS (you can tell how long ago this one was…I was drinking a seasonal beer)

securedownloadGrilled Garlic Dijon Herb Salmon

This recipe has become a staple around our house.  It’s just that good.  This is another super delicious recipe from  The wife whipped this together one night and we haven’t looked back.  I’m pretty sure we’ve made this at least a half a dozen times over the past few months.  We specifically buy a huge bag of frozen salmon at Costco just to have around for this one.

The main key to this recipe is the dijon.  If you aren’t a fan of it, then you probably won’t like it.  However, the wife and I are fans and totally dig this meal.  We’ve actually begun to double the sauce used on the salmon just to have some extra to throw on at the end.  It’s pretty damn good to dip your veggies in as well.  If you’re looking for a way to liven up salmon or just try it in a way that is delicious, then this is a recipe that you can make.

securedownloadChunky Chicken Tortilla Soup (in the Vitamix!)

So, towards the end of last year we purchased a Vitamix.  This was no small decision on my part, but made easier with lots of research and the wife’s determination that this would change our lives.  In the end…yeah, pretty awesome.  We have green smoothies almost every day from this thing to start our day.  The coolest part though is that it can make soup and even heat it up IN THE BLENDER.  That sounds super crazy, but that’s the power of the Vitamix.

We haven’t ventured too much into other meals with this thing (makes a mean milkshake), but we did one night with this recipe for chicken tortilla soup from Blender Babes (ignore the video and just go to the recipe…hey, the wife found this).  This came together without much help from me, per usual.  I believe that for the chicken here we just used a rotisserie one to make it easier.  Threw some cheese, sour cream, and fresh avocado on top and this was really good.  I really enjoyed it because it’s a thicker soup.  Even from a blender it is hearty and full of flavor.  We may be pulling this one out again on one of these cold, winter days.

securedownloadSweet Basil & Oregano Bruschetta Chicken

It’s not very often…really at all…that we make recipes from the backs of spice packs or boxes of ingredients, but this one may change that.  The wife bought a spice pack from McCormick that was specifically for this meal.  I couldn’t tell you how easy it was to see this meal come together.  Since the spices are all together for you it’s literally, cook the chicken and tomatoes in the oven, throw on the pasta, and mix together.  The flavor of the mix is pretty great and works well if you are in the mood for some Italian and quick.

Obviously, you can tell that we paired this with a caesar salad and threw some parmesan cheese on top.  We’ll be having this again.  I can tell you this because we have additional seasoning packets in the pantry.  But, I’m totally cool with that.  Each time we’ve made this I’ve eaten the leftovers before they had time to become leftovers.

securedownloadCrock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches

This is one of those rare recipes that I was entrusted with putting together.  Since I work from home a day or two a week, it’s easy for me to put something on the crock pot for a quick dinner with the wife gets home.  Going back to a reliable blog, Iowa Girl Eats, she found this recipe which is right up my alley.  Italian…check.  Sandwich…check.  Loads of peppers…check.  So, I was on board immediately.

The most work here was just shredding the meat, which took all of three minutes.  Throw the shredded meat back into the crock pot and let it soak up them juices even more.  I’ll pretty much eat anything on a sandwich, and these things were legit good.  The blend of peppers was the best part.  The meat was tender, the cheese melty, and I threw on some spicy mustard just to cap it off.  I was in heaven.  We cooked up some Alexia frozen sweet potato fries to go on the side with this one (If you are ever in need of french fries for a meal, we’re a huge fan of anything Alexia).  This meal lasted a couple days with me savoring every bite.

Well that’s it folks.  Hope you enjoyed the recipe dump.  Hopefully, I’ll keep up with things better going forward.  Until then, get to cooking…oh, and eating too!


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