Dinner: Grilling Time!

securedownload-2This isn’t so much a post about dinner as it’s a post to declare that the weather is finally nice out and we can fire up the grill.  There’s nothing better than throwing some sort of meat on the grill and having a beer.  That being said, it’s okay to also throw on some veggies also (just make sure there’s meat to balance out the grill…it’s a fact that if you only put veggies on a grill it won’t work).

Tonight for dinner we threw on some pork chops that we picked up from the store.  I put a quick rub on a couple and topped them with blue cheese crumbles because…well, because why the hell not.  We also cut up some zucchini and squash to cook up as well.  Mixed up with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper and they are delicious.

Add some corn off the cob and a baked potato and dinner is served.  There’s no real recipe this time, but this is still easy and tasty.  The main thing to take away is…sun is out and the grill is open for business.

Dinner Beer: The Brew Kettle’s White Rajah (delicious!)


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