Mother’s Day Present – The Garden!

securedownload-1Last year the wife decided that we needed a vegetable garden.  Since we normally kill anything we plant, I didn’t think it was a good idea.  A summer full of fresh veggies later…I was sold (you can read about it here).  Of course, once you have a successful summer of vegetables the logical thing to do is go bigger and better the following year.  I wasn’t exactly sold on the idea of ripping out the bed we have currently and building new ones from scratch.  That being said, the wife used Mother’s Day as the perfect reason to get the new beds in.  After some poo-pooing on my part (just because I’m a cheap bastard)…the plan for new beds was in motion.

We started doing some research online to see what the best route to go would be in terms of building these beds.  The plans themselves were simple.  Make a box.  How hard could that be.  Literally…it’s a box.  We looked at the bed we currently had and decided what new size we wanted to go with.  The old bed was about three feet or so wide, about six feet long, and seven inches high.  The new beds (plural…we were making two) were going to be four feet wide, eight feet long, and 14 inches high.  We were going to have a lot of new space.  Based upon the research we did online, cedar was the best type of wood to use for this project.  Since it doesn’t erode very easily, it’s the best option for our raised beds.

Once the plan was in place, it was time to head to Lowes.  The first trip to Lowes took care of the lumber and soil.  Luckily we had a friends large SUV so we were able to haul the wood and 30 bags of soil home from Lowes.  Nothing will get you looks and laughter about what you have in store for the weekend than pushing 30 bags of soil through Lowes.

After we got home, the next day it was time to start building.  I made the box just the right size as to minimize the cuts I had to make.  Being my first real project, I wanted to go easy.  After a few rounds with some power tools, a second trip to Lowes for more wood (error in my calculation), and a union lunch break later…I had two big ol’ raised garden beds ready to go in.

Mother’s Day rolled around and it was time to go ahead put the beds in.  As much fun as it was to load the soil out of Lowes into the car, out of the car into the garage, it was equally fun to drag 30 bags to the backyard.  Luckily the wife helped and we burned through installing the new beds.  We got rid of the top layer of dirt from the old bed and ripped it out.  Over top of the old bed we installed the new ones in a nice “L” shape.  They looked great and were just the right size for what we were looking for.  We poured in all of the soil, mixed it up and got to planting.

The wife picked out a variety of things to plant.  Some things that did well last year and some new things.  We ended up with peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lettuce, and watermelon (I may have forgotten something).  The new garden leaves a lot of space for things to grow and not get overcrowded which we ran into last year.  Now it’s just a matter of watering and watching the garden grow.

Overall it was a fun honey-do project.  I got to bust out the power tools and build something.  There’s some pride in making something yourself.  Now I get to watch my wife and son take care of the garden and watch everything grow.  On top of that, the best part is having fresh veggies and now watermelon to eat!



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