Beer…so good.

image.w174h200f3I was out last night with some friends having some delicious beers.  As we are ought to do, we over analyzed the beer list talking about the different varieties, what we like, and what we wanted to try.  Once the beer (who am I kidding…beers) came, we would smell, taste, share and discuss.  This is a completely different person than the guy who only a few years ago wouldn’t even look at a beer menu and just order a Bud Light.  Oh, how far we’ve come…

It’s funny to see how even over the course of a few years my tastes have changed.  I could have titled this post, “when did Blue Moon start tasting like piss”, but I didn’t.  Seriously though, it tastes like pee pee water.  But there was a time where a Blue Moon and an orange slice was the cat’s meow.  That was the craft beer of choice.  It set you apart from all of those Bud and Miller Light drinkers out there.  Now, I’ll drink water as opposed to other beers.  I paid $5 for Bud Light in French Lick and hated myself for it.

I’m probably in phase 2 in my three phase process of becoming a beer snob, but I just want everyone to enjoy the stuff as much as I do.  There are so many great beers and breweries (especially locally) that deserve to be enjoyed.  For me it was getting out of my comfort zone.  I didn’t want to pay for a beer I didn’t like.  It took the slow train from Bud Light to Blue Moon to New Castle to, one of my still favorites, La Fin Du Monde.  It was a progression, but now I want to try a different beer as often as possible…and the great thing there is that the possibilities are endless.  I still haven’t even tried all that Cincinnati has to offer and there are a lot more cities in the US to get to!

There’s no real point to this post outside of, beer is great.  You should try it.  You should try new stuff.  Expand your horizons.  Tell me new things to try.  Come over and try them with me!  Whatever it is, just enjoy.  Also, for those tech savvy folks out there, get the Untappd app and find me under “Tursini” (my profile).  I’ll write some more about my beer journey as I try more things, go to more beer fests, and reach the holy grail…brewing my own stuff.



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