Dinner: Troy’s Cafe

securedownloadNormally, when we want to go somewhere for dinner we try to think of things outside of your standard chain restaurants.  The downside is that when you live in the suburbs, most of the restaurants are chains.  That takes the choices down a bit…and put on top of that a place that the wife and I can both agree upon, good luck.  Luckily, tucked away in a strip mall in West Chester is a little place called Troy’s Cafe.  We’ve been here a few times before so I figured it was due for a write up.

One of the nice things about Troy’s is that even though it is small in size, we’ve never had to wait for a table.  You can walk up to the counter, order your meal, and find a table available pretty easily.  The atmosphere is pretty laid back as well which is what we like.  It’s not too fancy where you feel out of place if you don’t dress up, but nice enough to take company too when you want to give them a good meal for a good price.

For this night I happened to order a cup of the tomato bisque, the mushroom and swiss burger (add bacon of course), and had a nice cold Bell’s Oberon to wash it all down.  It only took a few minutes after we placed our order for my soup and beer to come out.  First the soup…it was great.  It was just a bit sweet, but full of hearty tomato taste…all topped with fresh parmesan and homemade croutons.  The cup is a pretty nice portion size and got me salivating for my burger.

Now Troy’s has a ton of good food on the menu (and specials nearly every day that would make you drool…they had a beer cheese apple soup once that was terrific), but this guy nearly always settles on a burger.  For my money, I would say that Troy’s has one of the best burgers in the suburbs.  It’s super juicy and cooked to perfection.  A sign of a good burger is when it doesn’t need any condiments.   With only the burger, mushrooms, swiss, and bacon…I was in heaven.  The mix of shitake, portable, and crimini mushrooms went together really well.  It was just the right size to fill this dude up and leave him happy.  Along with the burger came some house made chips that were nice and crisp.  None of that, here’s a couple of soggy ones mixed in.  All were nicely cooked with a bit of seasoning to top them off.

If the meal wasn’t enough to make this guy happy, Troy’s also has a great beer selection.  Behind the counter I could see a bunch of different varieties from Rhinegiest, to MadTree locally to Great Lakes, Bell’s, and Troegs.  Since it was a nice sunny day I went with the Oberon, but it wasn’t easy making my pick.  It’s great to see a small place like this taking their craft beer game  seriously.  They also have wine, but…wine ain’t beer.

All in all a great meal.  We’ve been before and we’ll be back again.  I hope that more people will try this little place the next time they are thinking of where to go for dinner.  Skip the big chains and get some good, fresh cooking (and a great beer).  The best thing to do is like them on Facebook as they post their specials all the time.  To give you an example, the special that was there this weekend was a pulled pork sandwich with garlic pickle relish and crispy fried onions on a toasted honey baked bun.  C’mon people…what’s not to want about that!  Follow, like, and hit them up on the links below.


***Update***  I almost forgot to talk about the service!  The staff there has always been friendly and courteous.  This time around they were exceptional.  As a waitress came around to clear our table, our three year old requested a high five.  Being the nice lady, the waitress obliged.  However, next our son made the sign for hug.  He’s doing this now with cute waitresses…he doesn’t get his game from his father.  After saying that maybe the nice lady didn’t want a hug she said, “sure” and made our little man pretty happy.  It’s those little things you don’t get everywhere.  Now to explain to our three year old you can’t just ask waitresses for hugs…right?


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