#FitByFourth – Homework

In an effort to maintain and even lose a bit of weight, I joined up with Carlos Whittaker and about 2,500 other people in a “Fit By Fourth” initiative.  I don’t think it will be new things in terms of weight loss tasks (eat better, exercise, etc.) but really a community to help keep me accountable to stay on track until the fourth of July.  There’s a nagging 10-15 pounds I would love to get rid of and this may just be the motivation I need to stay the course.

During each of the weeks it looks like we’ll get some homework and this time around it’s to talk about things we’re proud of that have happened in 2014.  Specifically things that we’ve done.  While I’m sure there are many things I could be proud of…these three are some that I love the most.  Here’s the specifics of this homework assignment:

1.  What are 3 things you have done in 2014 that you are PROUD OF?
2.  What did YOU DO to make those things happen?
3.  Who HELPED you accomplish them?
4.  How can you transfer those systems to THIS CHALLENGE?

The first one is the garden beds that the wife and I built last week.  There’s an entire post about it here.  In order to make them happen the wife and I put together a plan of attack into how to build them, what to plant, and how to take care of it.  The wife was the biggest motivator to get them done as it’s a great summer project for her and the little man.  Another nice part about the project is that it allowed me to use tools that my dad had bought me and things he taught me about building.  It was my first real project around the house that I built up from scratch and the sense of accomplishment was great.  We now have our little garden out back that will give us delicious veggies and some watermelon throughout the summer.  I can definitely see the planning part helped here to not only make the building easier, but to keep things on track.  Just like with weight loss, the planning ahead of time will help execution in the long run.

The second thing I’m proud about is not really about me…but my son.  At three and a half he’s starting to break out of his little speech delay shell and talk more and more.  It’s also the end of his first year of preschool.  This kid has done so much and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He’s rocked preschool and is starting to put sentences together around the house.  It’s the best sound in the world.  On top of that, the kid can read.  I mean…really read.  We were driving past some fast food places the other night and he was reading the signs on the buildings.  It’s amazing how his little mind is developing.  Our community of friends and family have helped make this happen.  From his school, to our close night group of friends, to his school.  They have all played a tremendous part in helping him learn, praying for him, and encouraging him.  It’s these same folks that can help motivate me and keep me on track.  It’s the community that I’m in that makes me…and my little family unit succeed.

Lastly, I think I have to take some pride in joining this challenge.  It’s not something I would normally do, but felt it a good resource to get my butt in gear.  Right now it’s just the motivation I need to get things in gear and lose some pounds.  It took a step out of my comfort zone and the help of some friends to make this one happen.  Again, it’s community that can really make a difference in your outlook on things.  Now with their enthusiasm, I’m right back in eat right and exercise mode.

This kind of rambled, but I think I’ve covered everything.  Based on the above some of the things that help make me successful are planning and community.  If I have the right tools, the right plan, and the right support…anything is possible.  I’m looking forward to how much I grow and lose by July 4th!


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