All the Small Things

CaptureThis kid you guys…THIS KID!  It doesn’t seem like too long ago the wife and I were stressing over little man’s first day of preschool.  A new environment, new people, away from the house for a few hours each day…how was he going to survive?  As we pulled out of the school parking lot that first day in tears, we got a picture showing J enjoying class.  He loved it.  He loves school.  All that fear we had washed away.

To back up a bit and explain our fear a bit more you have to get into our shoes.  Our son had just turned three and still had some pretty bad separation anxiety.  He also wasn’t talking.  What seems to be a slight speech delay certainly added to our fear as we dropped him off in this entirely new environment.  We wouldn’t be there to comfort him.  What if he got hurt…what if he needed something and couldn’t communicate…all these questions swirled through the air.  But baby steps and milestones over the months have put those questions behind us.

During the course of the year he started to progress and grow.  A few words started to come out here and there.  I can specifically remember one day we were driving past our church and he points out the window and said “Urch!  Urch!”.  There’s no denying he was identifying and showing us that we were passing church (also great to know that he loves going to church each week!).  Now, he’s starting to string a few words together here and there and he’s got a ton of words coming out.  We’ve still got some work to do, but it’s amazing to see how much progress he’s made.

Another shining moment was a month or so ago over spring break when J wrote “jump” on his own and without prompting.  Dude just up and wrote a word on his own.  We saw that and told him to write “hot” as well to make sure it wasn’t a fluke…BAM…word written.  Again, color me impressed.

Now we’re working with him as he reads.  It’s not just looking at a book, but he’s legit reading.  You can point to a word and he’ll do his best to say it.  One of the best things to see is him sitting on the bed or couch with a book and here his little mumbling as he reads through the pages.  It’s adorable and awesome.

I still worry about development.  I still have moments where not knowing what he’s trying to say breaks my heart, but all of the above shows me that I don’t need to worry.  This kid is smart.  He’s progressing…just at his own pace.  Add up all of these small things and you have a lot of accomplishment in a little time.  I know this has been due a lot of work from his teachers combined with support and prayers from family and friends.  I can’t say thank you enough to all of these people.  The impact that everyone has had on this little guy this year alone has been great.  Now all we have to do is sit back and enjoy summer…before school starts up again in the fall!


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