Father’s Day Gift Guide – Fashion

I find it humorous to do a “fashion” blog post as everything I know about fashion I learned from my wife.  Seriously, when we met I was trying to be some sort of quasi-punk rocker with blue hair.  Now I’m decked out from head to toe in J.Crew while figuring out what boat shoes work best with the outfit.  Without her I would be lost in a see of JNCO’s and thrift store tees.

All that said, Father’s Day is coming up and I’m taking my new found knowledge and throwing out some of my favorite things I’ve bought or been gifted that would be great for the father in your life.  This is hopefully the first of a couple posts, but I figured this one would focus more on clothes and accessories.  So let’s get going:


Everlane Weekender – I’ve talked about this bag before here.  It’s a great combination of style and function.  For those short weekend trips, this is great.  The version with the stripe adds a bit more to the bag that I love. ($95)

Ray-Ban Wayfarer – Another product I love.  Ray-Bans in general are classic sunglasses.  I started with the aviators, but now the wayfarers are my go to shades.  Grab them in the tortoise shell to pair them with anything. ($130)

Timex Watch – It should be shocking that the watch I recommend is sold at J.Crew (read post about it here).  The nice part about this watch is the additional bands you can buy for it.  This pretty much means that one watch becomes however many you may want.  For me, it’s three different ones right now.  Another little item to add a bit of color to everyday outfits. ($118)

Toms Brogues – I used to shy away from Toms thinking they were too hipster…now I love them.  I really dig this particular pair as they blend the casual and business look really well.  The thicker sole also makes them super comfortable.  Pick them up in a variety of colors at the Toms store…and until May 27 they are $10 off!  ($98)

Herschel Supply Co Backpack – When traveling with kids it best to have both hands free.  I switched from a messenger bag to this backpack.  It’s super roomy and has a nice padded compartment for a laptop.  It even has a pocket up top to store your sunglasses…maybe your Ray-Ban Wayfarers! ($54.99)

Jake Spade Wallet – A lot of wallets I purchased over the years were less than $15.  These however, broke down in no time and looked like hell after a month.  Last year the wife bought me a Jack Spade wallet (not this one) and it’s still in great shape.  It’s crazy how the quality of leather can change the quality of a wallet.  Now that you may be an adult..get an adult wallet. ($88)

J.Crew Travel Kit – Back to J.Crew…duh.  Another upgrade from the standard travel kit I always used to use.  This one is built to stand up to a beating.  A nice touch is the ability to add a monogram to the bag.  Do it.  ($48)

Homage Shirts – I had to pick one shirt for the image, but seriously…I can’t pick just one.  I literally own 8 or so and plan to get some more.  AND THEY ARE OPENING A STORE IN CINCINNATI!  Anyway, these are some of the best fitting and feeling tees I’ve ever owned.  Throw in the fact they focus on Ohio and Ohio sports…sign me up!  ($28)

J.Crew Button Up – Last J.Crew item, but it’s my go to button up.  Seriously, they have different styles so I have some for more business wear and others for more casual wear.  Either way, I love them.  I’ve recently graduated from just the plain and plaid shirts to the patterened ones they’ve come out with recently.  The best part is that if you want to save some money…hit up the J.Crew factory store (they’re half the cost and the same amount of awesome).  ($88)


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