Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gadgets

So…if the first post about gifts for Father’s Day wasn’t your thing (check it out here), maybe this one will have something that floats your boat.  This guide goes over some of the gadgets I can’t live without and some I want to own myself.  Whether it’s electronics or cooking, every man loves a gadget.  IT makes the normal things you do all the time a bit more fun.

So here we go again…click the link to check out the list!


Fitbit Flex – Wearables are the new thing.  This one I use on a daily basis to help me keep track of my steps and motivate my weight loss (and help maintain it).  It’s comfortable to wear and water resistant.  I play basketball in it at the gym so it’s taken a beating and is still going strong.  The app that goes along with it is awesome as well as it is easy to navigate, track steps, and progress.  Now in a ton of colors, it can go with anything. ($99.95)

Roku Streaming Stick – We have a couple Roku players…but of course making something smaller makes it better, right?!  Well, now with the Streaming Stick there is a really small way to get Netflix, Hulu, and more on your TV.  It’s a powerful product in a tiny little package. ($49.99)

iDevices iGrill Mini – You have a man.  That man likes to grill.  Bring the grill into the modern age with a meat thermometer that connects to his phone via bluetooth.  How cool is that? ($39.99)

Jambox – Once summer hits, I spend a lot of time outside.  Grilling, playing with the kid, having folks over….the usual.  When you want to listen to music or the baseball game outside, it’s best to do it without a bunch of cords.  The Jambox speaker provides that while still looking cool.  Coming in a variety of colors isn’t so bad either.  (Starting at $129.99)

Belkin CarAudio Connect – For some of us, we’re driving older cars until they completely break down.  This means old stereo systems.  Now that most folks have a smart phone, it’s time to bring in a bit of tech to the old stereo.  The CarAudio Connect allows you to go hands free as you blast your tunes and takes calls all over Bluetooth. ($79.99)

Keurig – I’ve been in love with this thing since we bought it.  Most of our friends have it too.  So, peer pressure says you need one to for the father in your life.  It’s great to be able to make a single cup of coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate in minutes and not waste a whole pot.  With a million different cups to try in the Keurig…you better get started soon! (Starting at $99.99)

Vitamix – I just talked a little about my love for this in my smoothie post here.  It’s pricy…but it’s worth it.  The thing can make soups, smoothies, milkshakes, peanut butter…do I need to go on?  If you want to save a bit you can buy them refurbished.  You lose two years on the warranty, but save some dough.  Oh, it also can make dough. (Starting at $449)

Anker Astro External Battery – While not a flashy gift…it’s a really functional one.  I used this a couple of times on our trip to Disney this year to charge up phones.  This one got great reviews and can charge two phones at once.  Since it’s small enough to fit into your bag, it’s coming with me on all trips now. ($35.99)

Nest – Who doesn’t think home automation stuff is cool?  And you know fathers are strict about their thermostats.  So why not get them something to replace that old thermostat with something cool and better than the one they have.  I know a few folks that have one of these and they love it.  Maybe it’s time I get one too! ($249)

Sur La Table Stuff-A-Burger Press – These are just awesome.  Who doesn’t love a burger.  Now, why not stuff things into the burger!  You like bacon?  Put bacon on and in your burger!  I’m not sure I need to say more than that.  ($16.95)

Sur La Table Burger Basket – This is the perfect companion to the Stuff-A-Burger Press.  It holds those perfectly stuffed burgers over your grill so they don’t fall apart.  Now you don’t have to worry about those burgers sticking to your grill and falling apart.  The simple basket is here to save the day. ($16.95)


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