Dinner: Deyo’s Italian Bistro

securedownloadIf there’s one thing I don’t like about the suburbs sometimes it’s the lack of restaurants that aren’t chains.  There are those out there that aren’t chains like Troy’s (I wrote about it here), but they can be few and far between sometimes.  When the wife tasked me to find an Italian restaurant to eat at this past weekend I turned to Urbanspoon.  I knew we weren’t going to the damn Olive Garden, so it was time to find something new and close by.  The internet decided to guide us to Deyo’s Italian Bistro.

Only a 25 minute ride from our house, we pulled into the unassuming building with the Deyo’s Italian Bistro sign out front.  We weren’t prepared for how adorable and modern the inside would be (they had a chevron wall people).  It’s got two stories of seating and a large patio.  The night was gorgeous enough where we were able to sit out on the patio and watch some kids play on the corn hole setup that the restaurant had.  They were even in the process of putting in a fire pit.  We were sold on the ambiance alone…so now it was time to get to the food.

A quick survey of the menu provided us with a lot of nice sounding options.  From appetizers to pizzas to main courses, all of it sounded great.  Since this was a new place, of course we had to eat as much as we could.  We started out with an order of the zucchini fritte and bruschetta caprese for the table.  The zucchini was breaded and fried nicely and served with marinara.  I do a lot of my judgment of Italian restaurants based on their marinara sauce.  Deyo’s passed that test with a light, fresh, and slightly sweet sauce to dip the zucchini in.  As soon as we demolished that (healthy portion for three people), we went at the bruschetta.  Presented in bite sized portions, this also was pretty tasty.  The mozzarella was warmed slightly so it was nice and melty.  With the aged balsamic, tomato, and basil…this also was a hit for the table.  Right off the bat, I can say the portion sizes were great for the prices.

From there I had the Caesar salad.  While you can go wrong with a salad with too much dressing or bad lettuce, this one came out looking nice and green and tasting great.  Enough dressing to coat the salad, but not to much as to drown it.  Large flakes of parmesan were on top along with some great tasting breadcrumbs.  So…salad hit the spot!

Next…entrees.  Between the three of us there, we enjoyed them all…let me break them down below.

  • Chicken Picatta – this was the wife’s meal.  It’s her go to dish at an Italian restaurant.  Tonight she substituted the mushrooms for spinach.  In the end, it was a nice light meal that she loved.  For her tastes it could have used a bit more lemon, but it was definitely something she would order again.  The chicken was just lightly breaded, the pasta done just right, and the spinach sautéed perfectly.
  • Seafood Lasagna – this was our friend’s meal and special of the night.  Holy hell…it was delicious.  It was a really light alfredo type sauce that coated the lasagna.  Full of seafood and cheese, it was fantastic.  The size as well was enough to feed a small family, but we did our best.  This one was really the standout of the night.
  • Prosciutto and Arugula Flatbread – I’m a sucker for pizza…and prosciutto, so this was my pick.  The size of it was just right for one person that had just downed some appetizers, a salad, and a beer and half.  The large roasted tomatoes on the top were great.  You could tell it was freshly made.  Surprisingly for the size it was really filling.  I powered my way through the meal as I didn’t want to leave any of the cheesy, prosciutto flatbread behind.

I think one way to judge any restaurant is by if you’ll go back or not.  While still at the restaurant we tried to figure out when we may go back.  Between the food, décor, and beer selection (Great Lakes, Deschutes, New Belgium, and others)…they sold me.  The harder one to sell is the wife, and she couldn’t stop raving about it.  So, if you’re looking for some good Italian food towards the suburbs, take the drive out and give Deyo’s Italian Bistro a try.



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