Dinner: Fusian

securedownloadSomehow every so often the wife and I end up at the mall.  This time around it was for me as I needed some things for vacation. Anyway, as we were driving out to the mall we passed a strip with some new places in it.  One of these was Fusian.  The wife had heard about Fusian before and as we were trying to figure out what to have for dinner it jumped to the top of the list.  She told me it was a sushi place where you can make your own rolls.  As a sushi fan, she had my attention.

Set in a corner of short strip of other places, Fusian has a nice modern feel to it as you walk in.  As you walk up to the menu and counter up front you get a bit of a Chipotle vibe.  This isn’t a bad thing as Chipotle is awesome, but the way you put your sushi together as you move down the line is what I mean.  You start out picking your wrap, rice, filling, toppings, and sauces.  There’s probably a million different combinations that you can make.  The variety of sushi you could come up with should appease sushi fans old and new alike.

As we moved down the line I had thought that the wife and I would pick out different things, but we ended up picking the same sort of roll because it looked so good.  We started with a seaweed wrap and white rice for the roll (pretty standard).  Next for our protein we picked tuna.  There are a lot of other “protein” options as they called it…it’s basically the meat of the roll.  The next stop was the other fillings.  We both ended up with cream cheese, carrots, cucumber, and avocado…yum!  Once the insides are picked out the person making it rolls everything up and sticks it in a slicer to cut the roll into ten pieces.  The size of the roll and number of pieces is a pretty good value for the cost.  Just like Chipotle there is a different cost depending on the meat and extra fancy toppings/fillings you may want to add.

After the roll was cut up it’s time for toppings and sauces.  There are again, numerous options for both depending on how crazy or unique you want to go.  We both went with a crab mix topping and some tempura crunch.  So far we had the exact same rolls…but we used different sauces.  Phew!  I thought we would be trying someplace new and order the exact same thing.  I went with a spicy mayo and the wife went with a sweet chili sauce.  We asked for some extra sauce on top as there was a ton of the crab mixture.  You can see by the pics below that you get a pretty sizeable portion of sushi to eat.

To add to the rolls, which are a meal in themselves, Fusian also has some sides and salads.  I tried the miso soup while the wife went with the spicy edamame and a carrot ginger salad.  The miso soup was just okay for my tastes.  However, the salad and spicy edamame were pretty damn tasty.

Lastly there was a huge drink station full of cool teas and flavored drinks to try out.  There seemed to be a special one there when we went called “Cucumber Mint Drank”, which I tried out.  It was light and flavorful.  Kind of a nice summer drink to have.  It’s definitely a nice change of pace from your standard soft drinks and sweet teas.

All in all we were super happy with our meals.  As fans of sushi, this place was great and a great value.  All of the above was only $30.  Compared to other sushi restaurants you can go do, this is almost a steal.  To be able to get sushi quick, affordable, and tasty is great.  You also get to support a restaurant started in Ohio.  They have locations right now around Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus.  If they put one in the suburbs of Cincinnati I would be in trouble…but seriously Fusian…do it.



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