Father’s Day Gift Guide – Beer!

Okay folks…I’m running of ideas.  I did fashion and gadgets, but now I’ve gone and put an end to your Father’s Day gift searching.  Below is a list of beer-centric gifts for the beer lover in your life.  From the guy who just started to enjoy the sudsy beverage, to the seasoned beer veteran…I hope to have something here for everyone.

So hit the jump and check out the gifts!

I’m not good at Photoshop, so I couldn’t get a cool layout for all of the pics.  Just know each of these is awesome and you should totally get them all!

Cincy Brew Bus Tickets – What better way to celebrate some of the great breweries of Cincinnati that a tour that takes you through them as well as allows you to taste what these places have to offer.  Cincinnati has a lot to offer in terms of great beer, so book a tour and get to tasting.  The pricing can depend on the party size you go with…so bring some friends! ($65 or less depending on size of group)

Drink Local Tee – There’s a lot of places that you can get a “Drink Local” tee, but I love the design and fit of this one from a small shop out of Texas called DowdyStudio.  So not only do you get a cool shirt, you’re supporting a small business in the process.  Pick up this one and definitely stick around to check out their other shirts like this one! ($26)

Custom Growler – It seems around me more and more places are popping up to fill up a growler of beer.  Most of them also allow you to bring in your own.  So, instead of handing over a bland run of the mill growler to the employee filling it up…why not give the father in your life a custom one to impress people with? ($29.95)

Custom Father’s Day Pint Glass – ScissorMill is the place that the wife got my custom pint glasses from.  It’s super cool to drink beer from a glass with your own name on it.  Now they have a Father’s Day design available, so…perfect!  Of course you want to feel like a boss drinking from your custom beer glass.  If you don’t go with the Father’s Day design, they have a ton of other options available. ($18.50)

Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener – To go along with a new beer fridge at our house, we needed something to open all those bottles.  The wife surprised me with this awesome item that can go right next to the fridge. Custom with my own name and cleans up nice as it catches the caps.  It was definitely a winner. ($59.99)

Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit – Brewing beer is the next step in my beer growth.  There’s a lot that goes into it, so I’m starting out with a prebuilt kit.  I’ve heard good things from the guys that make these particular kits here.  With everything you need to make a nice gallon batch…what’s stopping you from making your own beer? Shoot…I need to get on that! ($39.95)

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Book – Once you’re done brewing your first batch, not it’s time to get creative.  The same guys that make the kits also have a book of 52 seasonal beers that you can make.  Take their recipes, get your ingredients, and get to brewing.  Nothing can be better than drinking a beer that you made with your own hands. ($15)

The American Craft Beer Cookbook – So now you have your beer, you’ve made your beer…now it’s time to cook with beer.  This book collected 155 recipes from apps to desserts that incorporate beer into the meal.  The best part is they also list out beer pairing ideas to go along with the meal.  Impress your friends with a fancy meal that may literally get them food drunk! ($14)

Cincinnati Reds Tickets – Nothing goes better with beer on a nice hot summer day than baseball.  With the addition of the huge new beer station at Great American Ball Park, you can’t go wrong. (Starting at $15)

BEER! – Lastly, why not just get him beer.  Better yet, get him a gift certificate to a place where he can go and crab some great craft beer (or maybe fill up his custom growler).  Here’s a few of my favorite places to go around town for a good selection of beers:

“I Love You More Than Craft Beer” Card – I mean…you need a card don’t you? ($4)


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