Beer: Brooklyn Brew Shop Bruxelles Blonde – Part 2

securedownload-1Previously on Rocking the Suburbs…Beer: Brooklyn Brew Shop Bruxelles Blonde Part 1

And now…

After two weeks had passed it was time to bottle this beast up.  I had made sure to drink enough beer during these two weeks to have empty bottles on hand to use(not a hard task).  With the help from the wife we were able to go through the bottling process pretty easily.  After a test run with the tubing to siphon out some liquid between a couple pots, it was onto the beer.

Just to be on the safe side, I siphoned the beer out of the fermenter and through a strainer again just to catch any tiny thing it may suck up.  The beer flowed easily into a waiting pot that had some dissolved honey and water in it (to aid carbonation).  With the parts in the kit provided to help with the siphoning, filling up the bottles was a snap.  You let some beer flow, kinked the tube, and then onto the next.  It was a nice little assembly line filling up the empty bottles.  Once the bottles were full it was time to cap them.  Since I was bottling over the July 4th weekend, I bought American flag bottle caps (here) to use…it just felt right.  Along with my new trusty bottle capper, also from Amazon (here), I capped off our first bottles of beer.

Now, to wait another two weeks.  Damn…

Two weeks passed by and it was the moment of truth.  Would our beer hold up?  Would it be nothing more than fancy prison beer?  I put a bottle in the fridge earlier in the day so that it would be nice and cold for dinner.  At dinner, I prepared myself for the worst.  I had worried throughout the entire process that this would just be a waste…something had to have gone wrong.  Brewing couldn’t have been this easy.

I grabbed my bottle opener and cracked open the beer.  It produced a nice sound as the carbonation was released.  Big sigh of relief.  Next a quick smell…it smelled like beer.  Then the pour. Again, I was afraid chunks would come out or it would be all cloudy, but it looked great and had a nice head on it.  I couldn’t believe it.  Had we done it?  There was one final test…taste.  I braced one more time for the worst.  I took a swig as my wife watched.  I think she fully expected me to spit it out across the table.  As I took my first drink I could taste the sweetness that the original description talked about as well as some nice crisp flavors from the hops.  It went down smooth as well as you would expect with a lighter beer.  I looked over at my wife and in a moment of triumph exclaimed, “WE MADE BEER!”  It was like I had just come home with a new baby…I was so proud.  I passed the glass to my wife and she even gave her seal of approval.  It was a beautiful moment.

After waiting so long, I was not disappointed.  Our first foray into making beer was a complete success!  The kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop was perfect for these newbies.  So perfect that we already ordered a second.  Next up for a brew is their Grapefruit Honey Ale.  Can’t wait to get this one bottled up to try.  Then after that, an IPA.  Then after that, our own brewery.  Well, maybe a few more kits first…but a guy can dream.



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