Dinner: Fig Jam and Prosciutto Pizza

securedownload-4Sometimes, you have dinner from a recipe you get from a blog or in a magazine.  Sometimes though, your wife surprises you with a new grill toy and all of the fixings to clone a recipe from a restaurant.  A month or so ago we ventured down to Over the Rhine (OTR for the cool kids in Cincinnati) for dinner.  We were headed to Bakersfield, but ended up at A Tavola due to the long wait at Bakersfield.  In the end…not a bad choice at all.  There we had the most amazing fig and prosciutto pizza.  It was delicious.  Definitely something we could try and reproduce at home.  And wouldn’t you guess…that happened to be what the wife came home with?

She had me wait in the garage as the prepped the surprise.  Once I was able to come back in the house I found a new pizza pan for the grill and everything we would need to recreate the A Tavola pizza.  I had been talking about grilling a pizza for weeks, so I was over the moon.  I love to try new things and especially when those things are on the grill.

While you can definitely make your own dough, the wife picked up some pre made, whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s (a favorite shop of ours).  In addition she also picked up some fig Jam, blue cheese, and prosciutto from TJ’s as well.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted arugula on the pizza, but in the end we did.  A separate trip to the local grocery and we were set.

The pizza came together pretty easily.  For the dough, we just floured the counter and rolled it out really thinly.  We are definitely fans of a thinner curst in this house.  As I was rolling the dough and getting the stuff prepped and ready, the wife caramelized the onions on the stove.  As those finished, I went and fired up the grill.  Once things were coming together, I oiled up the grill pan for the pizza and threw the dough into it.

After the grill had done preheating, I put the pizza pan right in the middle.  I made sure to give it a few minutes on the first side.  You want to get a slight crisp on this side.  One indication that things are getting there is that the dough will start to bubble a bit.  Once the first side was getting about done, I brushed the top with some more olive oil.  Since we’re going to be flipping the dough over to finish cooking, we want to be sure that the dough doesn’t stick to the pan.  While I thought I had oiled it up initially, the dough did stick to the pan a little.  Luckily, we were able to get it unstuck enough without ruining the dough.

Once the pizza was flipped it was time to top the pie.  We started with a liberal douse of the fig jam.  If you want an idea of what this taste like, it’s like the inside of a fig newton.  While I will never actually eat another fig newton again in my life (a story for another day) I do love figs.  After we spread a layer of the jam down, it was time for the prosciutto.  We used enough to cover at least two pizzas on this single pie.  Whatever…don’t judge…prosciutto is a meat from the gods.  I gave this just a minute on the grill before adding on the cheese.  A liberal amount of blue cheese crumbles later and we were almost done.  I did shut the lid on the grill after adding the cheese to let the blue cheese melt a bit.  After a couple of minutes we topped everything off with the arugula.  Done-ski!

Being my first try at pizza on the grill, I was a little worried the dough won’t be done. Everything else looked good though.  Once I started to cut through the dough, I knew I was all good.  You could hear the dough cracking as the pizza cutter went through it.  Music to my ears.  A little shaved parm on top of my slices and I was set to eat.

First off, the pre made dough from TJ’s was really good.  It cooked up nice and crisp without being too thick.  As you can imagine, the sweetness of the fig jam and the saltiness of the prosciutto was amazing.  The blue cheese was nice and soft, but gave the pizza a little extra bite to it.  The arugula added a nice little crunch and color as you bit through the pizza.  The flavors work well together (probably why A Tavola says it’s one of their more popular pizzas) and we were most definitely satisfied after our dinner.

All in all, for a surprise recreation, I would have to say we did a pretty damn good job.  With the pizza pan now in my possession, the question is…what pizza will we try to make next?


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