Dinner: Grilled Pizza with Maple Bacon Onion Jam

securedownloadNot too long ago we made our first grilled pizza (check it out here).  It was only a matter of time before we tried our hand at another one.  There were a couple of things I know I would change when grilling (i.e. thinner crust, oil pan more, etc.).  So, when my mom came into down with Maple Bacon Onion Jam in tow…I knew we had to throw another pizza onto the grill.

Like last time, there wasn’t really a recipe here.  It was mainly just, “what would taste good with maple bacon onion jam?”  We decided on sort of plain toppings and went with some rotisserie chicken, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and arugula.  It was kind of the same formula as before…layer of sauce, layer of meat, layer of cheese, arugula.

This time around, when I rolled out the dough, I made sure to make it thinner.  I had a good amount of dough this time that hung over the grill pan.  I went ahead and cut the excess off.  I also greased up the pan and underside of the pizza well.  It stuck last time, so I wanted to be sure that when I flipped this puppy over I didn’t lose half of the pizza to the pan.

Once on the grill, it only took about five minutes to get some nice bubbles to form.  That’s normally a good sign to go ahead and flip the dough over.  I lightly oiled it before the flip…just to ensure no stickage!  Now it was time for toppings.  I slathered on a pretty good helping over 3/4 of the pizza using the maple bacon onion jam.  I left a quarter for some of the fig butter we used last time so that my mom’s BF could try it (cause it’s good shizz).  Once the first layer was on, it was time for the chicken.  We had cubed it a head of time, so it was just a matter of spreading it around.  Lastly was the cheese.  We used mozzarella here since it’s nice and melty, but added some parmesan to give it that bit of bite.  After everything was warmed up and the cheese melted, we added the arugula.  One more minute and the pizza was done.

Just like last time, the pizza had a great crunch to it from being on the grill.  Having a thinner crust was definitely a plus.  The maple bacon onion jam was…well…is my jam.  The stuff is amazing.  I could eat it on top of a shoe.  In any case, it was delicious on the pizza.  I’ll probably be making my mom bring a jar each time she visits from now on.

Overall…another grilled pizza hit.  Now that I’m a bit more confident with how this process works, it’s onto the next one!


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