San Diego: Day 3

Another day…another morning waking up still on Ohio time.  Since we were up and at ’em early, we got some exercise in again at the hotel (go us!).  Although, once we were done, we were trying to find out what to do until the wedding later in the afternoon.  After a quick breakfast at the hotel we decided to check out a farmers market that was close by.  We love to do those types of things because you really get to see a lot of local things and vendors.  Luckily for us the Hillcrest Farmers Market was about five minutes away and it was great.

Hillcrest Farmers Market

Hillcrest Farmers Market

My mom and her boyfriend came along as we ventured out into the market.  The market definitely did not disappoint.  It sucks to not live there for even a few days so I could have bought a ton of food to take home.  The fresh meats, fruits, and veggies were to die for.  Luckily for us, most of the places were giving away samples.  So, what to do when you don’t have plans for lunch and have time to kill.  Eat free food (and buy some…don’t worry).

Some of the highlights of the trip to the farmers market were:

  • Bitchin’ Sauce – an almond based sauce (consistency similar to hummus) that comes in a variety of flavors The stuff had great flavor and the dudes selling it were hilarious.  The wife had a bowl from here for lunch that included rice, beans veggies, and the sauce.  It was…dare I say…bitchin’?  We ended up buying a tub of it to bring back to Ohio…it was that good.
  • Locally Grown Clothing – I’m always on the lookout for a good tee.  I’m kind of addicted to t-shirts.  In any case, this place had a lot of great ones.  Being born in California, I was drawn to a locally grown California tee as well another about beer…shock, I know.
Locally Grown CA tee.

Locally Grown CA tee.

Beer tee.

Beer tee.

  • Flavors of East Africa – I passed this vendor a couple times and wondered if the food would be good.  I’ve never had African food before.  However, the third time passing by they had a sample plate out and it looked and smelled amazing.  I was sold that I had to try some.  I don’t exactly remember what I had, but it was freaking amazing.
Flavors of East Africa.

Flavors of East Africa.


My East African meal…delicious.

  • Meatmen – These dudes were handing out samples of their homemade salami and cheddar bratwurst.  It was all amazing.  I was bummed that I couldn’t bring any home, but did think about just walking around chomping on a sausage from this place.  I decided against it in the end, but was bummed.
The Italian in me loved this place.

The Italian in me loved this place.

After the farmers market, it was time to digest and get ready for the wedding.  The wedding was in La Jolla so we left the hotel with plenty of time to get there.  The nice thing about having the wedding in La Jolla is that there are plenty of gorgeous views to go around.  The wedding here was a place called Kate O. Sessions Park.  The views, as you can see, were pretty stunning for a wedding…not to mention the amazing weather.

Can't get a much better view.

Can’t get a much better view.

I can clean up nice...the wife always looks that good.

I can clean up nice…the wife always looks that good.

The wedding itself was great…the officiating was well done and made you feel all the feels.  My cousin looked great and her and now husband looked so happy.  It was a great time not only to see them get married, but to also see all of my extended family from CA.  I don’t want to brag, but my family is pretty damn cool.  Once the wedding was over and hugs given, it was off to the reception at Herringbone.

Since we arrived a bit early to the reception and the La Jolla Art and Wine festival was still going on, we decided to get a quick snack.  One lobster roll later and it was time to hit the restaurant.

So good.

So good.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way up front.  We’re still talking to this day about how good the food at the wedding was…and secondly, the inside of Herringbone in La Jolla is amazing.  We started in the front side of Herringbone with some hors d’oeuvres.  If there were only these hors d’oeuvres at the reception I would have been happy, but dinner was yet to come.  There were waiters walking around with fried risotto balls and skewers with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella on them.  Next was what I can only describe as my dream food…charcuterie.  Like…a lot of it.  Like…an entire table of it.

I almost fainted...for real.

I almost fainted…for real.

It was like the holy land of meats and cheeses.  After all of this was being had, they also brought out these wood fired pizzas as well that were just as good as what we had at Cucina Caprese the day before.  Once I was done stuffing my face full of this deliciousness and downed it with some Ballast Point Sculpin (IPA) it was onto dinner.

The back of the restaurant has a rustic feel to it and has trees going inside of the place.  It doesn’t require much decoration at all to it.

Inside Herringbone.

Inside Herringbone.

There was the standard wedding faire and dances between the bride and groom, family, etc.  Everything was super well done and adorable.  It’s always great to see two people that love each other having so much fun as well as the families coming together in celebration.  It was a great night.  This is on top of the dinner spread provided.  I don’t have a picture, as I was stuffing my face, but the menu included: brussel sprouts, polenta, potatoes, sautéed kale, bbq pulled pork, chicken, sausage with spicy mustard, and more.  That list does not do it justice, but take it from this guy and his wife…best…food…ever.  We’ve been home in Ohio for three days and we were talking about the food again just tonight.

After drinking more, eating more, and celebrating more, it was time to wish the happy couple a good evening and head back to the hotel.  Another day in San Diego in the books and another great one.  Congrats to my cousin and welcome into the family to her husband.

Only one day left in this great city…more eats and booze tomorrow!  Are you sensing a theme yet?


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