Beer: My First Heady Topper

IMG_0201As I started getting more into craft beer and liking IPAs the most…a couple of beers have come across my radar that I really wanted to try.  One being Three Floyds Zombie Dust and the other being The Alchemist’s Heady Topper.  Both rated as really good beers and both not that easy to come by…Heady Topper especially as they only sell it around a small town in Vermont.

Once I started looking into Heady Topper a bit more, I realized I knew someone that lived only a few hours from Vermont…my mom.  What mother wouldn’t want to make beer run for her son to a town four hours away and then transport said beer from Rhode Island to Ohio.  Luckily, the answer to this question was my mother.  My mother wouldn’t mind a bit.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to go see VT in the fall when the leaves changed color?  I was trying to sell the trip you guys.

So, with her and her boyfriend Bob’s help, we set up a plan to get some Heady Topper from VT to RI to OH.  The plan wound up being that my mom and Bob would drive to VT and stay overnight at a bed and breakfast.  This would allow them time to scope out a beer shop that The Alchemist delivered to.  This is another thing about Heady Topper.  It’s only delivered to certain places on certain days (check the schedule here if you want).

Back to the story…

The time came and they took their drive to VT.  I think they said it took about four hours in total.  Once there, they found the beer place that the Heady Topper was going to.  The guy told them that they would get their delivery between 10am-noon the next day.  With time to kill, my mom and Bob enjoyed the sites of a small VT town.

The next day it was time.  I anxiously awaited texts from both of them to keep me up to date on how things were going.  The first came a little before ten when they arrived at the beer shop.  They showed up even before the Heady Topper was going to be delivered.  They had planned this out you guys.  Once a couple people trickled into the store, they decided they better secure their spot in line.  So, in line at ten…the delivery didn’t even come in until noon.

When the beer rolled in my mom sent me a picture.  I was giddy.  What happened next was pretty surprising to me.  I got a text that said they got three cases of the stuff.  Not some cans…not one case…but three damn cases (ended up being one for them, one for me, and one for a good buddy).  They had gone out to the car to drop off the two cases and Bob went back in to see if he could get another and apparently the guy didn’t give a crap and sold it.  A lot of times these things are limited to how many you can buy.  Guess they got to this beer store on a good day.

With three cases of beer (and a ton of other stuff they picked up)…it was time to head back to RI.  They had done the research enough to know they had to keep the Heady Topper cold.  On ice, the beer made the trip to RI.  Safely in a basement fridge, I would have to wait a few more weeks before the trip was made to OH.  Once the time came, back into coolers the beer went as it made the 800 mile drive to OH.

On Halloween I had my first Heady Topper.  It was everything that had been promised to me.  For a double/imperial IPA it is not over powered with  hop flavor.  It’s really drinkable, which is not a good thing when they are larger cans and the ABV is 8%. You get some slight citrus notes that help even out the beer, but not too much to take away from the other flavors.  It was really tasty and definitely lived up to the hype for me.

It took some planning and some driving, but I’ve had my first Heady Topper.  Now to drink the other 30 or so in my fridge.  I guess my mom and Bob should start planning a spring trip to VT!

Current state of my fridge…beer heaven:



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