Dinner: Moussaka-Style Lasagna (Blue Apron Meal 1)

IMG_0322A little bit ago, the wife won a few free meals from Blue Apron from a blog that she reads (Sweet Tooth Sweet Life).  After filling out the information necessary to claim the meals, it was sit and wait.  Some days went by and then all of a sudden there was a huge box on our doorstep.  In it was everything we would need to make three different meals.  These posts will be a bit different as the recipes are a bit long.  I’ll link to Blue Apron’s site and you can get the details from there.  Overall, the experience with Blue Apron was a pretty great one and we would totally think about doing them again.

The first meal we made was a greek style, or moussaka style lasagna, as they called it.  I had some reservations about this one as it had oranges in it.  Who puts oranges in lasagna?  Anyway, we got to work unpacking the ingredients for the meal and putting it together.  We dirtied a lot of dishes here, but in all it came together pretty easily.  The eggplant was sliced up and roasted in the oven.  While that was going we cooked the meat in our braiser.  In the braiser went a number of other ingredients.  The oddest of these were the orange slices.  Once we stirred in the spinach, I decided I had to take a taste.  I was actually surprised that it was good.  Throw some noodles an béchamel sauce on top and I’m it would turn out.

The béchamel sauce is just flour, milk, and butter that is essentially reduced for a bit.  This thickens things up and works as a layer in the lasagna where cheese may have been.  So, once everything was ready it was time to build the lasagna.  We went with a layer of meat mixture, then eggplant, then noodles, and finally the béchamel sauce.  We repeated this twice and then topped it with the feta cheese that was provided.

After a few minutes in the oven (and a couple to cool) it was time to eat.  The recipe made enough for about four servings.  We had some leftover cheesy garlic bread that we put in the oven to have on the side.  I hesitantly put my fork through the lasagna and moved it to my mouth.  When everything came together, it made a really good lasagna.  The citrus came through, but was not overpowering.  You could definitely get the Greek vibe that the lasagna is going for.  The wife and I were pretty impressed with the final results.  If you like Greek and lasagna then you should try this.  However, if you’re not really an adventurous eater…I would probably say just stick to the classic Italian lasagna.

Next up for our Blue Apron meal experiment…crispy fish sandwiches with coleslaw!

Moussaka-Style Lasagna with Eggplant and Spinach


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