Breakfast: Avocado and Egg Toast

IMG_1459Normally, throughout the week the wife makes us a smoothie for breakfast.  You can check out the recipe for that here.  However, sometimes you need a break from the smoothies and bust out something different.

The wife got the idea for these things a while ago from another blog she reads.  I wasn’t sure how avocado and a hard boiled egg would go together, but after the first bite I was sold.  It was delicious.  It is a breakfast that I could eat just about every day of the week.

The nice thing about the breakfast is that it’s super simple to put together as well.  Especially, since the wife figured out a really easy way to make the hardboiled eggs.  After looking online, we now just put the eggs into a muffin tin, and pop them into the oven.  She looks up the directions each time, but it looks like a majority of the web throws them into the oven at 325 for 30 minutes.  After they come out, put them in and ice bath…and done.  They’ve come out perfect every time.

Once the eggs are done it’s really just a matter of assembling everything.  To try and save on calories we skip the toast and use some Thomas Plain Bagel Thins.  Throw those things in the toaster for a few minutes and get them nice and crisp.  On top of the toast/bagel thin spread half of an avocado.  We just mash the avocado up with a fork in a bowl to allow it to spread easily, but still have some chunks left in it.

One of the kitchen tools that comes in handy here is the egg slicer.  It makes it easy to cut the egg up in even slices.  Take your cut up egg and place it all over the toast/bagel.  Once you have the egg and avocado on, it’s time to season.  Go ahead and put a liberal helping of salt and pepper on top.  The kicker here are the red pepper flakes.  It gives the toast/bagel a bit of a bite and heat that really works well.

I can’t tell you how happy this breakfast makes me.  It’s satisfying, healthy, and delicious.  With the ability to make a bunch of eggs at once, you can easily have this a couple of mornings in a row.  Remember…keep the pit of the avocado in any extra you may have to keep it from turning brown.  This way when you go back for seconds or the next day, your avocado isn’t brown.

Now excuse me while I make sure we have the stuff we need for this in the house…because I have a craving again.


Breakfast: Vitamix Smoothie

securedownload-1Since I’m a couple weeks into a “Fit by Fourth” get fit challenge…it’s about time to post up the breakfast choice of champions here at our household.  It’s a smoothie packed full of fruits, veggies, and protein.  It’s a super tasty, and healthy way to get the day started.  The addition of the protein also make sure it keeps you full longer than your lame bowl of cereal.

The smoothies all started when the wife wore me down about getting a Vitamix.  After a couple of experimental smoothies, we landed on a recipe that we’ve used pretty much every morning since we’ve had the amazing, life changing blender (that’s not sarcasm…it’s amazing).  I think it goes to talk about how tasty these things are that we’ve used the same recipe for months now without growing tired of it.

Overall the smoothie comes together pretty easily.  The fruit we add we get frozen at Costco in large bags.  The bananas we also cut in half and throw into the freezer as well.  So there’s no taking time in the morning to chop up and clean a bunch of fruit.  It’s literally, measure out the fruit, throw in blender, and turn it up to 11.

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Breakfast: (Review)

logoIn keeping with healthy dieting, breakfasts are pretty important. They get you started for the entire day. One of the things I’ve grown to love eating for breakfast is oatmeal. While the plain stuff with a little bit of peanut butter was holding me over for a while now, it does tend to get old. Not too long ago, the nutritionist that the wife and I used to use (Chris Stephens of Step By Step Nutrition…awesome dude), started talking about this new company… It was a site where you can customize your own blend of oatmeal. It only took me about five seconds before I hopped over to the site to begin looking around.

The oatmeal creation part of the site is intense. I didn’t even know where to start. The site touts 22 billion different flavor combinations…and I was just looking to make one! After some careful consideration I ended up on my first flavor, Bananatastic. In my custom mix of oatmeal I had the following:

  • Quick Rolled Oats
  • Banana Bread Flavor
  • Banana Chips
  • Chipped Coconut
  • Golden Raisins
  • Pears
  • Splenda
  • Flax Seed
  • Pecans

So, I may have gone a bit overboard on the mix ingredients, but go big or go home…right? As soon as the wife saw what I was up to, she joined in and ordered two bags of her own. One was a “Peaches & Cream” mix and another was a “Smores” blend. After finalizing our orders we paid up and waited.

The shipping on the order was super fast. Only a few days later and we had the oatmeal at our doorstep. Next thing to do was to bust into these things and give them a try. The next morning at breakfast I made my first bowl of Bananatastic. H…O…L…Y…C…R…A…P. It was delicious. The banana bread flavor was great. I will say that I would cut the amount of fruits in half in order to get more oats, but it was still tasty. It’s quick to make up in the microwave and tasted great. For the amount of calories in my regular oatmeal, I would much rather have the flexibility to make my own and have it custom to my tastes. Over the next days I tried my wife’s blends and they were both equally good. I might even say she made mixes better than I did.

It’s been a few weeks and we’ve now gone through our first three bags. Needless to say, the wife reminded me this morning that we need to put in another order. One plus of the site is that it remembers your previous combinations. If you want to reorder one you don’t have to start from scratch.

So, while this is a post about a healthy breakfast it is also a stunning review for and the work they are doing. If you eat oatmeal at all for breakfast, please give them a shot. They have flavors galore (with a chocolate hazelnut one in the works…yum) and are looking to add protein powders. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to eating oatmeal the same way again.

Go give a visit by clicking on the logo above or check them out at the following links on Facebook and Twitter.