Lunch: Stuffed Mushroom and Swiss Burgers

securedownloadThere not a specific recipe for this post other than it was just delicious, so I figured I would put it up here.  It also goes along with one of the gift ideas I threw out for Father’s Day in this post here.  The stuffed burger press is a fun gadget to have around in the kitchen.  I don’t use it very often, but sometimes…on a special occasion, I want a monster burger.  This time around it happened to be Father’s Day and I wanted a monster burger dang it!

On the way home from church on Sunday the wife and I drove by Fresh Market to grab the ingredients for my burger.  I had a craving for a mushroom and swiss burger so I knew I would need some beef, mushrooms, and swiss cheese (duh).  Of course, if you know me, I had to grab some bacon to go on top of this thing.  I saw some peppered bacon in the case and figured it would go great with the burger I had planned out.  While we were there we also picked up some pre made loaded baked potato salad, baked beans, and some chips.  After a couple other random things (like some damn delicious heath bar cookies) we were on our way home.

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