Father’s Day Gift Guide – Beer!

Okay folks…I’m running of ideas.  I did fashion and gadgets, but now I’ve gone and put an end to your Father’s Day gift searching.  Below is a list of beer-centric gifts for the beer lover in your life.  From the guy who just started to enjoy the sudsy beverage, to the seasoned beer veteran…I hope to have something here for everyone.

So hit the jump and check out the gifts!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide – Fashion

I find it humorous to do a “fashion” blog post as everything I know about fashion I learned from my wife.  Seriously, when we met I was trying to be some sort of quasi-punk rocker with blue hair.  Now I’m decked out from head to toe in J.Crew while figuring out what boat shoes work best with the outfit.  Without her I would be lost in a see of JNCO’s and thrift store tees.

All that said, Father’s Day is coming up and I’m taking my new found knowledge and throwing out some of my favorite things I’ve bought or been gifted that would be great for the father in your life.  This is hopefully the first of a couple posts, but I figured this one would focus more on clothes and accessories.  So let’s get going:

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Mancessities – Beer: Rhinegeist

IMG_3412Beer.  It’s one of my favorite things.  One of the best parts about living around Cincinnati, OH is that it’s a town ripe with beer history.  We’ve got a nice group of breweries in town and now have a new one to add to that list…Rhinegeist.  If you are in or around Cincinnati or can somehow find out how to get some of this company’s brews, do it.  I’ve had three different ones so far and they have been downright delicious.

I’ve been seeing ads for Rhinegeist for at least a month.  They threw an opening party for one of their beers, Saber Tooth Tiger, and just based on the logo and name I wanted to try it.  Unfortunately, living in the suburbs and having a family, getting to late night beer tappings can be a bit tricky.  Even after they opened the brewery for folks to come get beer, it was hard to justify a 30-40 minute drive for a growler of beer.  So, I did what I had to do.  Plan a family outing near downtown in hopes of making it to Rhinegiest for some beer…and it worked!

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Man-cessities – Watches

IMG_3412I used to never wear watches.  I would buy them.  Wear them for a few days…maybe a few weeks and then let them collect dust in a nightstand drawer.  This was also before I had a good stead 9-5 job.  That has now changed and a watch is a necessity.  While you can check your phone for the time, nothing beats having a kick ass watch on your wrist.  From where I sit, if you are a professional you should be wearing a watch.  I don’t know why, but a watch in the business world seems to be the standard.  It may not matter what kind it is…digital…analog…smart watch…own one.  Just don’t bust out one with a calculator.  We’ll send you to the back of the class.

Right now I have two favorites that are my go to watches.  One more business and one more 809XLTTM_maincasual.  Depending on the event, day, outfit, I will switch between them.  I don’t think you need to have multiple watches, but own one…and wear it.  Have I mentioned you should own a watch yet?  The first is the one that got be back into wearing watches: my Skagen (link to mine here).  I love this thing.  Skagen watches are great for me because they are super lightweight.  They don’t add a lot of bulk to your wrist, they look good, and are slim enough to go under and not get caught on your dress shirt cuffs.  I actually have both one with a leather wrist band and a metal one.  The metal is definitely my go to business watch.  It goes with everything with the carbon fiber weaving on the face…looks kind of bad ass.  At around $150.00 Skagen watches are a pretty decent price point for a nice watch you can wear regularly.  I’ve had mine for a least a few years now and it’s still in great shape.

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Man-cessities: Beer – La Fin du Monde


I haven’t done one of these posts in a bit, so I figured I would do one on something I like a lot…beer.  I started getting into the good beers later in life, but that just means I have some ground to make up.  Getting a late start made me rely on the knowledge and good taste of others to point me in the right direction.  That direction lead me to what is now one of my favorite beers, La Fin Du Monde.  Not only does this beer make you sound fancy when saying the name, the name literally means “the end of the world” in French.

I came across this stuff at one of my favorite places to eat in Vegas, The Burger Bar.  Again, not unibroue-la-fin-du-mondeknowing what to get off of their extensive beer menu I went with what one of the other guys I was with was having.  It just so happened he was getting one of Unibroue’s finest…La Fin Du Monde.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was extremely happy with the results.  After one glass I was ready for more.  However, you slow your roll a bit with this one as it’s got a pretty decent alcohol content at 9.0% (your standard Bud is 5.0%).

Going by the Unibroue’s site, they explain the taste of the beer quite well:

  • Nose: Floral bouquet, aromas of honey, spice, coriander, malt, and alcohol
  • Flavor: Mildly yeasty with a complex palate of malt, fruit and spice notes followed by a smooth, dry finish

If you don’t want to take my word for it on this beer, just check out the BeerAdvocate site and the rave reviews there.  I started out just being a light beer guy, but my tastes have definitely grown.  This one sits atop my list as one that I always go to if I want a great beer.  So do yourself a favor, unwrap the foil top, pop the cap, grab you tulip glass (it’s recommended on the bottle), and drink up.  Because this my friends, is maybe one of the best things to come out of Canada.


Man-cessities: Travel Kit

IMG_3412It’s my second “man-cessity” post and the theme seems to be sticking to travel.  When I became a man I put away childish travel things and began to use those things meant for adults.  This item happened to come to me not too long ago via a Father’s Day gift from the wife.

I had had a cheap travel kit for all my toiletries, razor, etc. for a long time.  It was beat to hell and pretty nasty.  Black pleather can only take you so far.  It was time to upgrade and in a bad way.  Being the cheap person I am, I didn’t buy a new one at first.  I simply found one I liked, added it to my Amazon wish list, and waited….and waited…and waited.

Fast forward to this past Father’s Day and in my possession came a J.Crew Rail and Wharf, monogramed travel kit 88172_SP5470(here).  I was super stoked.  Not only did it come in right before our next trip, but it was awesome to boot.  I went with the navy and natural red travel kit.  The colors were more my taste than the cream and green one.  My wife went a step further and had my initials monogramed onto the leather tag.  Definitely a nice touch that I would say is worth the extra ten bucks.

Made from high density canvas, this travel kit feels like it can take some wear.  Add in the water resistant interior and you’ve got yourself a stylish little travel kit that’s going to last you a while.  As of this post the navy and red one is sold out, and the green and cream one is on backorder.  Guess it goes to show you that it is a great little gift for the man in your life.

Man-cessities: Weekend Bag

IMG_3412In addition to a love of all things food, I also have a love for all things.  I’ve grown up over the years and have acquired things that I deem necessities man-cessities.  Things that every guy should own.  It’s taken me a while to get from a place where I thought a guy should own a thrift store shirt, studded belt, and blue hair…but here we are.  I’m going to start making sporadic posts about things I like in my every day life, wardrobe, and surroundings.  Maybe it will help you become a more sophisticated gentleman…maybe it won’t…maybe I don’t care.  These are things I like anyway.  Screw it if you don’t.

So, onto the first one: weekend bag.

Having a parent and in-laws that live out of town, I get to do my fair share of traveling with the family.  Some of these trips are longer ones, but a lot of times they are short weekend trips out of town.  I used to carry a gym bag around with me and it worked, but didn’t really scream “hey, I’m a grown up”.  I began to search online for a bag that was inexpensive, good quality, and fit me.  That lead me straight to Everlane….of course via that ever so awesome site of Uncrate.


Started only a couple years ago, Everlane has a ton of great products.  Better yet, they skip the ridiculous markups that most retailcompanies use and pass savings onto the consumer.  I was immediately pulled in by their integrity around their business, but also for the amazing look and quality of the products.  Their Weekender bag is the perfect blend of function and fashion.  Preppy enough for what I was looking for and big enough for that three day trip.  I went with the Olive color based on my fashion consultant’s input (my wife).  See the picture to the right for the Olive Weekender bag.

I’ve had the bag for about a year and love it.  The weekend bag is a must and for your money, the Weekender is the perfect fit.  It travels well, is made of durable fabric so you don’t have to worry about tossing it around, and comes in a variety of colors to fit any dude’s style.

There you have it.  The first of hopefully many man-cessity posts.  Now go out and get yourself a Weekender!